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Yes you are both correct. The Back Door is a seperate place that can be viewed by only people that will be  authorized by Tony. Don´t fret 🙂 I am sure Tony will get around to allowing all new applicants interested in Joining the Back Door in, he seems like a pretty busy guy and will sit as his computer soon and let y´all in.

If you are not sure where to go first …. Read this page first …

Then you can fill out the applicaiton process by reading and applying for access by going to this page…

Due to the subject matter that will be discussed we are not posting this material on the front page or any public access parts of this site. If you feel any of the terms or subject matter that may be described in anyone of the preceeding pages may not fully comply with your personal moral values or religious outlook, then Tony is not obligating anyone to join this part of the site.

All regular posting cycles will continue on the public part of the site, and there is no obligation to join the Back Door. This part of the site exposes a different side of Tony and Amelia, the side you may associate with a ” Stephen Hawkings ” or “Sheldon Cooper” type of thinking and a more insightful type of person that is fascinated with all thing from the point of fabrication of the Universe to the point that Man may meld with machine to give advent to a future human “species”.

Probably not dinner table talk for all, but for a few ! An intense discussion platform based on mankinds perception of morals, truths, our physical and mental surroundings as well as  looking inwards to find logical and meaningful answers to everyday questions.

So ask yourself this small question, would you let a stranger into your house??, then why would you let a total stranger into the deepest part of your conciousness?? We are not talking about banning basic subscribers from viewing this platform, what we are trying to avoid is simply making this publicly accessible where the search engines will pick up on this insight and then associate topics of discussion with Tony and Amelia  as well as you in the role of a freely active participants on this platform. I guess we want to make a safe haven that people can feel more free to discuss their innermost thoughts and feelings about a variety of topics without having to worry about what the search engines will portray Tony and Amelia and/or discussion participants as … in the near future. That about sums it up.

We look forward to seeing you through the Back Door  soon.

Regards … Admin

p.s. If you listen the musical loops on the track that plays on the two entrance pages, perhaps you hear some persons familiar voice in them, that baritonish voice… Can you guess who it is ??