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I think you are looking for something like this.

Similar to Tony and Amelia´s “Home Made ” contraption….

Let me look around the internet to see if I can find plans… Although it seems simple enough.

I think this “manufactured model” offers some great features. here is a video…

Decide for yourself. I am pretty sure you could go to any local welder and with simple hand drawn plan and have them weld you up something pretty quickly. I think it looks like 2″ x 2″ angle and a 1/2″ rod.  Holes drilled  in the back for mounting, Rod welded to the top “lip” that would be pointing towards you. I would recommend finding a welder that can weld heavy aluminium, or stainless steel, as just regular flat bar (irong/steel) will oxidize quickly and would not be suitable for food processing.