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    F.A.Q.’s or Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.  How do I subscribe to get access to the forums?
    A.  Register as a member buy subscribing here http://tonyandamelia.com/register/

    Q. How do I login after I have subscribed?
    A. You can login by going to this page http://tonyandamelia.com/login/

    Q. How do I set up my profile?
    A.  Whilst in your profile page there are a many options select the one that you feel is right for you to address at that time.

    • Activity Page –  Will list your most recent activity on the forums. It can help you track where you have been recently and what you have been doing.

    Under the Activity page will be the following list of subpages with a description of each of their functions.

    1. Personal – This is a general list of your lates personal activity.
    2. Mentions – Will list posts that you have been mentioned in using the (@username) tag.
    3. Favorites – If you truly like a post you can add it to your favorites by clicking the favorite link above the post. All your favorite posts will show up under the favorites page of your profile.
    4. Friends – Here you will be able to track your friends activities. To make friends a friend request must be sent and accepted first.
    5. Groups – At the current time we have disactivated this feature. It may be initiated in the future.
    • Profile Page – Under the Profile  page will be the following list of subpages with a description of each of their functions.
    • Edit Cover Image (Similar to Facebook’s Header Image). This allows you to upload an image as a Cover image. The actual or minimum dimension size is  890px X 225px. We ask that you do not upload images more than 1600px x 404 px. So as to not bloat our site with over dimensioned and super heavy images that in the long term will affect the performance of the site.
    • Edit Profile Image – This will allow you to upload a profile image. The image should not be more than 200px X 200px that can then be cropped and will default back to the 150px X 150px default profile image size.
    • Edit – Here you will be able to edit your personal data, as well as change your password.
    • Profile – Here you will see your general Profile.
    • Notifications – Will list all  your Read or Unread notifications.
    • Messages –  Works pretty much in the same way as your email. Inbox , Sent and Compose are all pretty much straight forward and self explanitory.
    • Freinds – This will list all curent “Friends ” you have on the site as well as a list of outstanding “Friend Requests” sent.
    • Forums – Will list all of your Topics Started, Replies Created, Posts which you have favorited and Posts which you are subscribed too.
    • Settings – Settings will allow you to do the following functions:
    1. Under the General Tab : Change your Account Email and/or Password.
    2. Under the Email Tab: Here you can Set your email notices that you may or may not wish to recieve from the site Answer simply yes or no if you wish to recieve or not recieve all or a particular type of email from the server.
    3. Profile Visibility Tab: Is not changeable by the user. It basically sepecifies that your name will be shown in the profile.

    Q. What if I want to post and can not find a pertinent catagory to post in.
    A. Then post in the Misc. or Miscellanious Catagory, if you feel a catagory should be created for your topic of discussion.  The Admin or Moderators will revise posts in the Misc. Catagory and if they feel your post is subject to another sub-catagory your post will be moved to a proper catagory. If not Advise @admin through PM (Private Message) or by filling in a request for the admin to review your post by clicking on the Contact Admin link in the footer of the site.

    Q. I am feeling harrassed or someone is harrassing me by Private Message.
    A. We have a zero tolerance for Harrassment on this site. If you feel that you have been harassed please advise an admin so that the situation could be resolved in a timely fashion.

    • We strongly suggest the following of all users:
    1.  Do not post links to your private emails on this site.
    2.  Do not post identifiable information on this site. I.E. Phone Numbers, Addresses, or any other information you think that someone might use to gain access to your person.
    3. (Goes with out saying but neccisary to state anyways) Never divulge Credit Card information, Banking information, or any other information that may be used by a malicious person or persons to gain access over your financial situation.

    This F.A.Q. Section can or will be modified over time to be the most helpful to all users of this site.




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