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    Hey Y’all here is the general things that you need to know about our forums.

    1. First off you must be a subscribed member and be logged in to participate in the forums.
    2. Read the rules and regulations so you completely understand what is acceptable and not.
    3. Every member is entitled to their opinion and line of thinking, so do not argue with each other. There is a mature way and a inmmature way to deal with this, take the high road choose  the mature method to deal with this matter. Different people feel and think differently, it is what makes us all different. Celebrate differences, every persons logic works in different ways, just because someones opinion differs from yours be open to listening and learning from other peoples point of view, who knows maybe you might launch a revolutionary concept based on the combination of ideas.
    4. If you wish to address a particular member in the forums you can use the (@ and username) i.e. @gerry in a post which will advise them that they are mentioned in a post much like Twitter.
    5. If there is missing a catagory for a particular subject matter that you wish to post. Post in the Misc. Catagory and then advise the webmaster via the Contact Webmaster link situated in the footer of the page. We can then determine if this Catagory is usefull as a whole and in the case it is, it will be implemented in a timely fashion and your post will then be moved into this catagory. Otherwise your post will be left under the Misc. Catagory and someone will be in touch with you to let you know why.
    6. Forums are are like fruit trees, they start as seedlings, and grow, when they start to bear fruit, and expand in 1000’s of directions sometimes it can take a day or two to fix small issues or server side issues that might be happening with the forum. Bear with us.
    7. There will be an interval time between your posts in the forum. This is implemented to stop what we call “hammering” of the forums or people that their only intention is to try to bring the server down by posting vigourously in the forums non stop.
    8. These forums are meant to be a clean, family friendly place where you can share your thoughts and ideas with us(Tony and Amelia), as well with hopefully a bountiful membership that will expand in time.

    This general forum info page will be updated as the forums progress.

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