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    Here are some guidelines to help you to get started.

    1. Subscribe to our page. Become a member and then you can start posting.
    2. Pick a Catagory of interest that you wish to share, or use the General Introduction page to simply introduce yourselves to the community.
    3. The search box above the forums can be your best friend. This search feature will only search forum posts. And will help you get back to a topic of discussion that interests you.
    4. Please try to avoid making duplicate posts. Search for your post topic before creating a new one, this will reduce a multitude of duplicate threads all based on the same topic of discussion.
    5. You can reply to any other members post. Voice your encouragement of their ideas, or in a tasteful manner, voice why you might disagree or what you would do differently. These forums are about building ideas. A bit of constructive critisim about your ideas can go along way to making your ideas or projects a reality faster, perhaps with a better budget, or with generally better results.
    6. If you wish to speak at(@) someone use the (@username) to let them know that you are speaking of/at them or to include them in your posts.
    7. We are building a community of like minded people. Keep on track, keep it clean, keep your posts on point and try not to wander off too far in regards to what the thought process that you are trying to portray.

    The Guidlines page will be updated as the forums progress.

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