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Tony and Amelia Homesteading

"It’s difficult to decipher “when” I “started” living “this way”. Society (for a while, myself included) tends to view folks like me as an anomaly. They view me as a specimen of sorts. The honest truth is, I never chose to take some sort of leap of faith, or drastic detour from the status quo, and seek out some kind of justified, or noble way to live. I didn’t wake up one day and declare, “the world’s messed up, and this is what I shall do”. Tony - 2016

We live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

"Looking back, I can say my biggest mistake was living under the presumption that we must battle the forces of nature to survive. I now see myself as an extension of my environment. " Tony - 2016


"Life is precious.
I want to feel fully alive in every moment.
Everything we say and do has an impact on ourselves and the rest of existence.
If we hurt ourselves we hurt each other. If we hurt each other we hurt ourselves."
~ Amelia - 2016


" Inch by inch Amelia and I worked the hillside. And day by day, it felt more like home. We learned how to stop fighting, and work with the land. Bending the land to meet our needs became a fruitless prospect as we learned to open our ears and listen to what the land had to offer. The soil, water, and sun, speak a language all of their own; through gardening we learn how to translate these stories into subtle, fruitful actions." Tony - 2016


Amelia and Tony wish to extend to you all the best of this Holiday Season.
Regardless of your faith, We feel that all should look inwards at this time and be thankful for what we have as well as what we have accomplished . And dream of what is yet to come. We wish all peace, tranquility and happiness - "Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year Y'All!
Tony & Amelia

Welcome !

Welcome Y'all to our new Website.

Hey Folks. And welcome to our Website, what we hope is that this can become a center of interactivity between us and and our followers, to share with y'all and listen to what y'all have to say on a variety of topics.

So if y'all don't mind, sign up, login, and participate. We are extending ourselves with the hopes that by letting y'all into our everyday lives, through our YouTube Channel our Facebook page and now our Website that we may be able to inspire and be inspired by some of y'all.

So a huge welcome and thank-you to everyone, for visiting us, taking an interest in what we are all about and for letting us into your lives, as well as becoming part of our lives. We look forward to getting to know y'all .

Tony and Amelia

Words we can all live by!

Responsibility is the capacity to be accountable for one’s own actions. The consequences of your actions good or bad, you willingly accept as your own responsibility..
Be passionate about everything you say and do. Your passion will be contagious and others will wish to join in.
Love yourself first. Love the people that surround you. You can't make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved, and the rest is up to them. And lastly Love what you do. “Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” - Rumi
All good comes to those who wait. Patient people are those who persevere inspite of difficulties, and are willing to suffer without complaint or annoyance.
Be willing to be let others see you as you are. Yes you are human, and no you are not a perfect being, but the struggles you face are never your own. Never be so proud as to give or accept a helping hand.
You have a mind; expand your imagination to make something. Whether it is tangible or intangible it really does not matter. Present something new and innovative into this physical realm from your creativity and imagination.

Tony and Amelia's You Tube Channel!

Our You Tube Channel is up and running.

You can view our You Tube Channel by clicking here -> Tony And Amelia Homesteaders

We feel this will be a great place to get to know us and what we are all about. Leave comments, suggestions and share in an open community the philosophies, challenges, and paths to success in realizing the Homesteading Lifestyle.

So come on over y'all pull up a chair as we are just getting started. Remember to tune in, like, comment and share our videos.

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If you want to keep up with us on a day to day basis on your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer, head on over to our Facebook page, Tony And Amelia Homesteaders.

We will be updating this on a more frequent basis, and announcements of our new Web Series with new episodes will be done on or before the day of the upload as well as general updates of our day to day goings on. Don't forget to like our page to recieve updates as to new content.

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We look forward to joining y'all in all forms of media, video, social as well as our web interface.