At this current time, we are available for Local Events to be booked to speak publicly about our insight into some topics that we have first hand knowledge in.

Including but not limited to :

  • Forest Gardens
  • Holistic Gardening
  • Selective Breeding
  • Sustaining a Homesteader Life
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Renewable Energies
  • Water Resources
  • As well as a myriad of other topics which make up our day to day lives.

All inquiries into booking us for a speaking event should be initialized through the General Contact Form and please select Bookings from the Drop Down menu.

Once we touch base with you, will will discuss times availabilitiy, costs and prices.

We are eager to share our knowledge, thats why we are doing our  YouTube Channel as well as we are sharing our knowledge with y’all through other mediums as well.

Thank you for taking interest in the possibility of booking us for a speaking event near you. We look forward to seeing y’all soon.


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