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    Nathan Hinton

    Here are a couple pics of my first top bar hive. I built it from plans i found online, then gave it my own flair. I have another top bar hive thriving as well as 4 Langstroth hives going this season. Hoping to rear some queens and split some hives. Does anyone have experience with top bar hives? My main question of opinion would be side entrance or end entrance?

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    Nathan Hinton

    Here is my other top bar hive, they have 7 combs started from nothing since 4/20. Busy bees i guess. I also posted one of my four Langstroth hives. I use Greek letters to adorn my hives. Delta just happens to be at my house as Alpha, Beta and Gamma are near my other hive at a different location on a roof.

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    I put the entrance toward the end on the long side. If the entrance is close to or at the end the bees will build the brood nest close to the end and then fill the rest of the hive with honey. That way, the bees only have to work in one direction through the winter to use up their honey.

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