How I Live My Life

   I have always loved to live in a way that allows me to interact with the outdoors, animals and plants. I grew up on a farm where we raised cows, horses, pigs, chickens and a vegetable garden. I loved being on the farm because I felt free there. I could play in the creek, explore the woods, or gallop through our hayfields on a horse, among other adventures. I have always known this way of life and for me it feels good and normal.

   During the time I have lived on our homestead, I have had the fortunate opportunity to do many things. I have watched the trees and gardens we planted grow and bear fruit over the years. I have worked on the home we built (well, Tony built it and I helped some) and we have brought more and more animals onto our homestead. I have seen our homestead become more and more of a self sustaining ecosystem that gives more back to us every year. I have grown to love the land and home we have in a deep way. I have learned that when I work on a piece of land and create a home on it then I become an integral part of it and I can never really separate myself from it.

   We have become friends with many of the locals here in the mountains. Never in my life have I had friends like this who treat me so much like family. They are the best type of friend a person could have.

   I love the peacefulness and freedom of living in the country. The air is clean and we can drink right out of the springs. I’m usually able to make a meal without having to get anything from the grocery store. I can listen to the songs of the birds in the morning and the song of the crickets at night. I can wake up and have tea in the morning and I don’t have to worry about driving to a city job. And at night I can see the stars bright and clear. Out here I don’t have to rush. I can live my life at a slow enough pace to enjoy it.

   Although this may not be the life for everyone it is a way I can enjoy each day of my life. I encourage everyone to live in a way that allows you to enjoy every day of your lives.

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  1. I have been searching for some land that I could acquire either for free, or for only a small amount of money, but have been coming up empty handed. Short of randomly walking into the woods and finding some arbitrary spot to set up camp, what would you suggest? I keep feeling drawn to living on my own terms, instead of just happening to scrape by each day.

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  2. my husband and I are looking for a place in the mountains for our forever place. I am still learning and hope I will enjoy learning until my last day on earth. I have started expetiment with hydroponics and Kraky method for growing lettuce and such. Watching things grow is a powerful experience knowing I did that .

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  3. That’s truely the way to live. As a kid in central fla my parents had a small farm for awhile and i enjoyed it. Now as an adult after doing the city thing i find i want to return to a simpler way of life in n fla. me and my wife bought a small piece of property with a small home on it and i do plan on turning it into a self sustaining homestead. to have food that i grow and not have to rely on a grocery store. To build an alternative work garage from earthbags or cob would be great. Tony Amelia keep it up you have a wide base of people learning from you. Earl

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  4. I have recently visited Greenville S. Carolina and surrounding areas and I am slowly being drawn toward resettling somewhere in that proximity. The beauty of that part of the country is overwhelming. Also, I find the people to be more civil and friendly than where I currently reside. I like that both you and Tony seem to live pretty stress-free lives, or so it seems. I anxiously await your next blog. Please don’t make us wait much longer.

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  5. Pretty much how I’ve lived my life so far. I want to keep living this way but I do want to move to a cooler climate/less populated area. I live in rural NE Alabama now. Would like to move either to northern Maine or the U.P. Of Michigan. In the last 3 years I’ve become interested in permaculture, and to a lesser extent biodynamic agriculture. I’d like to experiment with what all I’ve learned on my new northern homestead.

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  6. That sounds wonderful. Time to enjoy nature, life, friends, and family.

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