Nat Geo Videos

These are a few videos of us from National Geographic’s YouTube Channel.

Together with his wife Amelia,
Tony is building out their hillside property in the
Appalachian Mountains to be a sustainable and productive homestead.


Amelia lives with her husband, Tony, on a piece of land
in the Appalachian Mountains they’re turning into a sustainable homestead.


Sharing is Caring
Tony’s got a secret weapon when it comes to clearing brush, and Amelia wants one of her own.

windpowerGenerating Wind Power
Tony and Amelia use scrap materials to create a wind turbine.


Target Practice for Turkeys
Tony and Amelia gear up for a turkey hunt by paying a visit to her dad.


Slash and Burn
Tony and Amelia are nearing the finish line of turning their hillside into home.


Keep on Trucking
Tony and Amelia head to a neighbors to try and barter for a truck.

makingyogurtMaking Yogurt
Amelia shows us how to make her favorite breakfast.


Getting Swarmy
Tony and Amelia think their bees are getting ready to swarm, so they act fast.

makingcustardMaking Custared
Amelia shares her homesteading custard recipe.


How to Make Fresh Sprouts
Amelia shows how to make fresh clover sprouts.

dryingfruitsDrying Fruits and Vegetables
Amelia shows off an easy and delicious way to
preserve your fruits and vegetables.

livingoffthelandLiving off the Fat of the Land
Homesteaders Tony and Amelia prepare for a
celebration to mark their three-year anniversary of working the land together.

growingsweetpotatoesGrowing Sweet Potatoes
Tony shares his method of growing sweet potatoes.


Gardening in Small Spaces
Rewilder and homesteader Amelia has plenty of tips
for those looking to grow gardens without a lot of space.


Cooking up a Kitchen
Tony and Amelia are always up to something.
Today, they begin work on their outdoor kitchen.

compostpantsTony’s Compost Pants
Tony turns his old cotton pants into food for his garden.

buildingablindBuilding a Blind
After Tony and Amelia spot deer tracks, Tony sets out to build a blind nearby.

beecharmersBee Charmers
Homesteaders Tony and Amelia are beekeepers.
Currently, they’re preparing for the time when
the bees gather and look for new hives.

firsttimesellersFirst Time Sellers
In their first time at the farmer’s market,
Tony and Amelia struggle to get customers.

bartforbunnieBartering for Bunnies !
Homesteaders Tony and Amelia exchange some of their homegrown products for rabbits.
These bunnies will be the solution to a couple of their problems.

whatdoyoumissthemostWhat Do You Miss the Most?
The rewilders of Live Free or Die come clean about which modern convenience they still crave.



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