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Amelia’s Favorite Mushroom….Oyster!

Amelia describes identifying characteristics of oyster mushrooms.

Forum Link: http://tonyandamelia.com/forums/topic/amelias-favorite-mushoom-oyster/

Winter Hive Inspection

I’s really warm, so we decided to peek in some of our hives.
We’ve only lost one colony so far this winter.

Forum Link: http://tonyandamelia.com/forums/topic/winter-hive-inspection-2/

DIY! New and Improved Top Bar Hive! part 1 Introduction

This is the introduction to our new beehive design we’ve been working on for a years.

Forum Link: http://tonyandamelia.com/forums/topic/diy-new-and-improved-top-bar-hive-part-1-introduction/

DIY! New and Improved Top Bar Hive! part 4 Cutting the Top Bars 

Here, we show you how to cut and assemble the top bars. Our design incorporates “bee space”, which permits ventilation.

Forum Link : http://tonyandamelia.com/forums/topic/diy-new-and-improved-top-bar-hive-part-4-cutting-the-top-bars/

DIY! New and Improved Top Bar Hive! part 2 Building the “Body”

In this video, we demonstrate the assembly of the hive “body”.
We have been refining this hive design over the past year…it’s a work in progress, and the design will certainly evolve over the course of our lives. Stay tuned for updates.

Forum Link : http://tonyandamelia.com/forums/topic/diy-new-and-improved-tob-bar-hive-part-2-building-the-body-2/

Please Subscribe!

Please Subscribe!

Forum Link : http://tonyandamelia.com/forums/topic/please-subscribe/

Gandpa “Grey Butt”

Tony’s grandfather discusses his American Indian name.

Forum Link : http://tonyandamelia.com/forums/topic/gandpa-grey-butt/

Starting a fire with polypore mushrooms

I used a polypore as tinder for a friction fire. It works!

Forum Link : http://tonyandamelia.com/forums/topic/starting-a-fire-with-polypore-mushrooms/

My First Friction Fire (not a how to!)

I finally learned how to get a friction fire started! Took me long enough…

Forum Link : http://tonyandamelia.com/forums/topic/my-first-friction-fire-not-a-how-to/

Our Garden Mulches Itself 🙂

Our forest garden has reached the age where it generates it’s own mulch! Between the ground cover and leaf litter, soil erosion has become a non-issue. On our hillside (which is particularly infertile) it takes about 5 or 6 years for a newly planted section of forest garden to develop into a semi self maintaining system.

Forum Link : http://tonyandamelia.com/forums/topic/our-garden-mulches-itself/

Tile Collage

This is Tony’s first real attempt at video editing.
We are finishing up a tile job for some friends in this clip.

Forum Link : http://tonyandamelia.com/forums/topic/tile-collage/


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